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Order of Christian Initiation for Adults (OCIA)

OCIA (Order of Christian Initiation for Adults) Interested in becoming Catholic?
Order of Christian Initiation for Adults (OCIA Formerly RCIA) Will begin in September 2023.
The Second Vatican Council re-instituted the catechumenate, the ancient order for introduction and instruction (catechesis) in the Catholic Faith. This is the Order of Christian Initiation for Adults. This is for:
1. Adults who are not baptized but sense God's call in their lives to become Christians (Catechumens)
2. Adults who were baptized in other Christian traditions and sense God's call to come home to the Catholic Church (Candidates)
3. Baptized Catholics who are coming back to the church and want to update their knowledge of the Catholic faith or to complete the Sacraments of Initiation (Confirmation and Holy Communion).  
Please contact Deacon Rock Hasenberg for more information 615-423-3056

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