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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

​Welcome to the Parish website for St Lawrence Catholic Church in Joelton, Tennessee. With more than 100 years of history and tradition, Saint Lawrence has been a significant part of the spiritual growth of the Catholic Community in the diocese of Nashville, Tennessee. 

At St Lawrence, we strive to be a welcoming community of faith. We believe that everyone is on a spiritual journey. Regardless of what stage of that journey you are at in your spiritual life; we welcome you with your struggles, failures as well as your triumphs. We want to walk with you and we simply ask that you walk with us and be prepared to serve our Lord.

Luke 12:48 states: “To whom much is given, much will be required”. Therefore, we want to foster a mutual relationship with you with clear expectations. As a Parishioner of St Lawrence, you can expect to worship in a sacred place where you will be loved and supported in your spiritual journey. As a Church community, we expect you to become involved in our Parish life, and to be committed to learn and grow with us as true disciples of Jesus-Christ.

If you are exploring this site as a visitor, please know that the best way to know St Lawrence and its parishioners is by entering our front door to join us for a service, for fellowship or for a volunteer opportunity. If you are already a parishioner, please know that you are loved and appreciated and share this website with your friends and family members. We want to keep them connected with our great Church family.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that it serves as a resource to keep you informed of the wonderful things that are happening at St Lawrence Catholic Church. We pray that the Lord bless you and your loved ones. We also pray that He grant you peace and happiness all the days of your life.

                God Bless,

                               Fr. Carré

                               Pastor of St. Lawrence 


Prayer to St. Lawrence

O glorious Saint Lawrence, Martyr and Deacon, who, being subjected to the most bitter torments, did not lose your faith nor your constancy in confessing Jesus Christ, obtain in like manner for us such an active and solid faith, that we shall never be ashamed to be true followers of Jesus Christ, and fervent Christians in word and in deed, even in spite of trials, persecutions, or the sword.


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